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The Asian Music Games is one of AMBC’s flagship events – the Asian Marching Band Confederation™ which promises to be the Biggest Virtual Music and Visual competition that organizes and presents individual, duet and group performances in various categories from all over Asia.

Due to the current global new normal, the Asian Music Games will continue to be presented in a virtual format, side by side with the Offline format which in 2023 will be implemented directly in the open field directly.

Together we will share knowledge and improve the same ability and dedicate it to Music and the Marching World.

Let’s celebrate The Marching Arts, Let’s Celebrate the Power of Asia


亚洲音乐运动会是AMBC的旗舰活动之一 – 亚洲游行乐队联盟TM,它承诺成为最大的虚拟音乐和视觉比赛,组织和展示来自亚洲各地的不同类别的个人,二人和团体表演。




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